Diversifying your IRA into physical gold and silver never been easier!

We can help you strengthen your IRA by adding physical gold and silver bullion to provide a hedge against the rest of your investment portfolio.

IRA stands for Individual Retirement Arrangement, and it is one the best ways to save for retirement.

First Step: Open and fund your self-directed IRA

Second Step: Order your Precious Metals through MTALX Bullion to diversify your IRA portfolio

Third Step: Sit back and let its take care of the rest!

Why add precious metals to your IRA?

  • Tangible assets always hold value
  • No risk storage -100%insured by the custodian
  • Your metals are not taxed on growth until disbursement
  • Simple. affordable. solid investment


Can I have a 401k and an IRA?

Yes. you can:You can also have more than one IRA account.

Do the same rules apply to a gold IRA as a traditional IRA?

Yes. a gold IRA simply allows you to hold physical gold and silver. unlike a traditional IRA Roth IRA or 401k.