MTALX Bullion is a Canadian owned company which has been involved in metal trading for over a decade. We have vault locations in the US and Canada, which enables us to service clients all over North America and worldwide. We aim to facilitate the buying, selling, and storing of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium coins/bars. We have a long track record in the market and years of professional knowledge and connections to various Mints, refiners and well-know suppliers of precious metals.

Based on our experience and expertise in precious metals trading, we will help customers of all sizes to be fully informed, so that they can make the right investment decision.

We understand that each minute counts when you are looking to purchase or sell metals. Even being off by 1 minute can cause you to miss your price, which is why you will find up to the minute pricing on our site.

We offer you the ability to buy, to sell, and to store precious metals with us. Unlike a lot of our competitors that only sell metals but do not make a 2-way market, we strive to make precious metals accessible to all.

We source our metals from various Mints, refiners, and well-known suppliers of precious metals. You can rest assured that the product you are receiving from us is authentic.